Ponsonby Private Health Club

You are more than your body, yet how you feel about your body impacts on much more than just your waist measurement. Your attitude to your body can shape the very essence of who you are.

By looking after our client’s health and fitness, we are helping sculpt their image and attitude towards a healthy life and the body that they’ve always wanted. We believe that a healthy body is a healthy mind. We aim to help our clients’ look, feel, and enjoy the very best of life possible.

About Ngaire Lynch (Personal Trainer)

About Ngaire Lynch (Personal Trainer)

Ngaire Lynch Personal Trainer for 26 years. She also had 25 years boxing and kickboxing experience, and in October 1996 competed in the National Bodybuilding Competition. 2000 Winner of Body-for-life Challenge Category 8 for her age group for New Zealand and put her in the Top 2% cent Worldwide. Body-for-life Challenge winner also in 2002. She is committed to achieving each clients goals focusing on Motivation and results.

Ngaire - 2000 Body-for-Life Challenge Champion