How it works

The 12-week Body-for-life Challenge is designed for people with a busy life style, it is very effective and flexible with your work schedule. The programme entails four steps

  1. Weight training
  2. Cardio/aerobic solution for 20-mins three days a week
  3. Six small meals per day.
  4. Supplements to give you the edge to achieve stunning results like you have never dreamt were possible.

The 12-week programme is designed to change your attitude to exercise and also motivate you to carry on the training and to integrate it as a part of your lifestyle. You will spend as little as 4 1/2 hours a week in the gym. The results produced are spectacular as the training is more about the quality of what you do rather than the quantity.

To make the programme easier you can replace two or three of your meals with a balanced protein shake called Myoplex or Lite bars which you can keep in your desk or glove box so you are never caught out. My clients have often told me they are like the eighth wonder of the world if you are a busy person running from meeting to meeting.

Your membership includes one personal training session per week, with an assessment at the beginning when you join and then every four weeks to monitor your progress and keep you motivated to achieve your goals (weight/measurements and body-fat analysis etc). We also take a before picture and then offer the services of a professional photographer to take your after pictures and a makeup artist to assist with the finishing touches. Also your own 84-day training sheets in your folder, with your programme changed every four weeks to keep your body changing and producing stunning results over the 12 weeks. Seven-day-a-week access to the club's security code gives you flexibility with your training schedule.

How it works